General Conditions of Contract and Use of Lockers Malaga Center Lockers

These general conditions regulate the contracting of either the Malaga Center Lockers services placed in Malaga, Calle Cárcer, number 1 Likewise, these conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Malaga Center Lockers and the User who contracts the locker service.

Malaga Center Lockers offers its Users the possibility of renting any of its lockers for periods of 24 hours. Malaga Center Lockers offers a total of 43 lockers, with 3 sizes, and 3 different prices (VAT included):
23 Lockers size L: 34cms. (Width) x 40cms. (Height) x 56cms. (Depth), 5€/ 24h.
10 Lockers size XL: 44cms. (Width) x 84cms. (Height) x 56cms. (Depth), 10€/ 24h.
10 Lockers size XXL: 44cms. (Width) x 96cms. (Height) x 56cms. (Depth), 12€/ 24h.
In these lockers users can enter the packages they want, as long as they do not contradict the provisions of the Limits of Use.
The lockers can be rented for a minimum period of 1 day (24 hours)
During this period, the user will be able to access their belongings as many times as they want or need, every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

The prices applicable to each type of box office are those indicated on the website on the date of the order. All the prices that appear on the website have included VAT (Value Added Tax), and correspond to the rental of a locker for 24 hours.
The offers will be duly marked and identified as such, conveniently indicating the previous price and the price of the offer.
Malaga Center Lockers may make the modifications it deems appropriate at any time, depending on your needs and market conditions.

In Malaga Center Lockers we have smart lockers where the entire reservation and use process is done automatically. Being able to do it in those two ways.
To be able to hire the rental of the lockers in Malaga Center Lockers, it is essential that the following requirements are met:
• Have reached or be over 16 years of age.
• Accept these general conditions of contracting the service and use of the lockers.
Accept the privacy policy of Malaga Center Lockers, as the entity that owns the lockers.

Book from our location
• The User can access our premises through the QR code that is printed on the sign of the entrance door.
• The User must go to the control module to make the reservation of their LOCKERS.
The user makes the payment securely through a bank card.

In the reservations made in our location it will only be possible to cancel or modify the rental as long as you have not made the payment.

In case of breakdown, blockage or any other type of incident in the use of the lockers, the User will have at his disposal the assistance service of Malaga Center Lockers that can be used by calling or writing by whatsapp to the number 744 659 018, or by written communication to the following address

The User guarantees that all the data about his identity, as well as about the reservation provided are true, accurate and complete.
The personal data provided will be used to manage the reservation and comply with the obligations derived for the parties to the consignment service, is entitled to process the personal data provided in the contracting process by the User because they are necessary for the provision of the service. The User, by contracting, expressly consents to the processing of their personal data in the terms detailed herein.

Use the lockers only as a place of temporary storage of your own belongings.
Use the lockers correctly, without causing damage to them, and making sure that the locker is closed when the user leaves the location.
This implies the commitment to use the lockers for legal and authorized purposes, committing not to store objects whose more possession or trafficking are illegal (stolen objects, drugs, etc ...).
Likewise, do not introduce flammable, polluting or dangerous materials into the locker, neither animal beings nor living beings.
If any material that is deposited in the lockers requires a permit or license for its possession, have that license.
Do not introduce food or drink that is not packaged. Do not include in the lockers money, jewelry, technological items (tablets, computers, televisions, etc.) or goods of special value, being of their sole and exclusive responsibility the decision of the user to use the rented lockers to store this type of goods of special value.
Remove the packages entered in the rented lockers before the end of the rental period, that is, before the end of the reserved 24-hour space. If you do not do so, you must pay the amount of the corresponding time slot to open your consignment. Leave the lockers at the end of the service in the same state in which they were found. Notify Malaga Center Lockers of any incident detected at the lockers or in its state through

Do not exceed with your luggage the line marked inside the lockers, nor their capacity. Do not force the door when closing the locker because It could block the door, preventing it from opening.
Not to provide the key to third parties, making the user responsible for any breach that was made of these obligations. Do not use the lockers for the exchange of goods with third parties.
Access location only for the purpose of accessing the lockers, without staying in the premises longer than strictly necessary. Do not take photos or recordings of the security mechanisms of the premises.

The User must indemnify Malaga Center Lockers for damages arising from the breach of its obligations arising from this contract.

Failure to comply with the rental deadline
In case that the rental period is not met, and depending on the availability and demand of the moment, Malaga Center Lockers may empty and release the user's lockers by storing the packages in its warehouse to later manage its return.
The amount to be paid by the user for each day that elapses since the rental expires, if the ticket offices have been released, will be the equivalent of the price of the daily amount.
If 10 days after the end of the rental period it has not been possible to contact the user, it will be understood that the goods have been abandoned by the user, so Malaga Center Lockers may stop keeping them, giving him the exit he deems appropriate or convenient according to the type of property abandoned.
In case that the user is contacted and their belongings have to be returned, a penalty of € 150 will accrue that the User must pay to Malaga Center Lockers, regardless of the right of Malaga Center Lockers to claim the damages suffered. At the time Malaga Center Lockers delivers the packages to the carrier, the responsibility will be the user, Malaga Center Lockers not assuming any risk for the transport of the packages.

Failure to properly use the lockers

The User will be responsible for the objects that he enters in the lockers.
If the user, when storing their belongings, exceeds the capacity, exceeds the line marked inside, and / or forces the door when closing the locker, the locker door may be locked and cannot be opened when collecting luggage. If this happens, the user must contact with us and we will attend to your incident. The cost of this management / assistance will be € 30.
In any case, the removal of the prohibited packages will entail a penalty of € 150, a penalty that will not exclude the obligation of the non-compliant
User to compensate Malaga Center Lockers for the damages actually caused.

Payment of penalties

The penalties detailed in this section will be paid by the User with the same means of payment as that used by the User when contracting the service, or by the means that at that time is considered most appropriate by Malaga Center Lockers.

Damage caused to the slogans by the Users

The User will be fully responsible for the damages or deterioration that may be caused in the lockers for their improper or inappropriate use. If necessary, the User must compensate Malaga Center Lockers for the physical damage caused to the locker (s) as well as for the loss of profits.
In particular and without limitation, the User causing the damage must pay Malaga Center Lockers a penalty of the daily rental per day in which the locker is unused, as well as the cost of the repair or replacement, which is quantified in case of replacement in € 1,500, independently, all this, of the damages caused.

Malaga Center Lockers undertakes to keep the locker service active and to make available to the User, during the contracted time, the locker or lockers that the User has contracted in good condition of use.
Likewise, Malaga Center Lockers undertakes to resolve any incident that may arise in the use of the lockers as soon as possible.

Malaga Center Lockers offers a space rental service in lockers, not being responsible for the custody of the packages. The User is solely responsible for the goods included in the rented lockers. The user, if necessary, must file a complaint with the competent authorities in case of theft.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the case of theft, Malaga Center Lockers has an insurance contract in favor of users that covers losses due to theft up to a maximum amount. To receive this benefit should it occur, the user must meet the requirements listed in the policy and work with Malaga Center Lockers to submit the claim to the insurer. The user must specifically and without exception, in case it occurs, file a report with the authorities in case of theft.
This insurance does not cover the loss of money, jewelry, precious stones or metals, watches, plasma screens and in general technological elements (LCD, GPS navigators, cell phones, computers, tablets), art objects, antiques, memory cards or any other medium that contains data or images.

In case that the User considers that he has reasons to file a complaint, he may do so by sending an email to the following address From Malaga Center Lockers we will try to solve the incident and seek a satisfactory solution for the parties. In the event that the User is not satisfied with the response of Malaga Center Lockers, he has the option of submitting a complaint form to the consumer authorities of the Junta de Andalucía. The corresponding form can be obtained through the following link:

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to Spanish jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement.

In case any user has any doubt about these general conditions, any comments about the, please contact